Hewlett-PaQard Must DIE!

Dear H-P,
Thank you for your wonderful consumer-level printing products. I love the feature in your PSC-1210 where a printer cartridge that printed just fine moments ago suddenly is no longer recognized by the printer as being of the correct type.

Needless to say, this feature comes in mighty handy while printing proofs of wedding invitations. I can also see where this might come in handy when one has, say, a term paper due. I’ve always looked for sudden, inexplicable ability to print as a key feature of all printers I buy. Given that this is not the first HP product I’ve bought with this much-needed feature, I’m impressed! Your track record speaks for itself.

Be assured, In the future I will give HP imaging products the consideration they deserve when shoping.

Despising you in perpetuity,

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